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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Volunteered For Active Service Badge, Medically Unfit: Edward Stanley Dusting

ID Number    PERS016

Title               Volunteered For Active Service Badge, Medically Unfit: Edward Stanley Dusting

Maker            Unknown

Object Type    Badge

Place made     Australia

Date made      1916

Physical          Silver plated brass

Circular, silver plated Volunteered For Active Service Badge - Medically Unfit. Around the outside of the badge in raised lettering is 'VOLUNTEERED FOR ACTIVE SERVICE'. In the center of the badge is the Australian coat of arms surrounded by 'ISSUED BY DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE MEDICALLY UNFIT' in raised lettering. On the reverse of the badge are two silver plated lugs. Beneath the lug is impressed the badge number '53093'.

The Volunteered For Active Service, Medically Unfit badge was issued to people of military age who had volunteered for active service outside Australia since 1 July 1915, but had been certified by an authorised Medical Officer as medically unfit to do so.

Badge 53093 was issued on 30 June 1916 to Edward Stanley Dusting of 240 Graham Street Port Melbourne. During the course of the First World War 38 men joined the AIF from Graham Street. Edward Dusting had volunteered to serve also, though he was rejected as being medically unfit, and this badge must have been very welcome when it was issued, as it would show the families of those that were serving that he had attempted to ‘do his bit’.

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